Petram Analytics Partners with Allegiant to Bring New Data-Driven Insights to Marketing Efforts

1/5/21 – We are excited to announce that Allegiant Airlines has partnered

with Petram Analytics! Allegiant is focused on linking travelers in smaller cities to world class

destinations, putting luxury vacations in reach for millions of Americans outside of Metro areas.

They boast a low-cost, high-efficiency business model that not only provides flights but also

travel bundles at attractive prices, featuring hotels, car rentals, and entertainment.

Allegiant already leverages data to improve the experience for their travelers but they saw an opportunity to increase efficiency and effectiveness of marketing messages to prospects and customers.  Petram will be working alongside Allegiant’s marketing team to analyze historical communication performance and customer segmentation.  Petram will leverage our own proprietary data science methods to gain deeper insights into how groups of travelers make purchase decisions.

"We are always pushing to improve the experience for our customers at Allegiant. We are excited to partner with Petram’s data science team to bring even more personalization to our marketing."
Scott Deangelo
Scott DeAngelo
CMO & Board Member
Allegiant Airlines

Like many companies, Allegiant understands the importance of timely omni-channel marketing. We will be using advanced data analytics to help determine when in the purchase journey specific messaging is more effective. We will also implement a data-driven process to help further automate email outreach for best results. Our team of data scientists are excited to work with Allegiant as they continue to grow market share, and we can’t wait to put our insights into action.


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